plnaugle@markwagner Can't embed YouTube vids if YouTube is blocked in school district. Need to convert then embed.

jsuzcampos@markwagner wiki tip (part 2) had many students concerned about appearance of wiki and didn't focus enough on content at first.

jsuzcampos@markwagner wiki workshop tip: start w/ focus on FUNCTION (share, collaborate), FORM will follow (formatting, cosmetics), etc

wbasinger@markwagner Wikis can be boring. Spice them up with music and graphics - and photocube are great starters.

kmcnulty@markwagner when working with a group for training, I make sure they all have their own page so conflicts/locks don't become an issue

triciabuck@markwagner prblm: some low quality/careless additions to wiki pgs by hs students, soltn: have kids pick top 5 adds discuss why valuable