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Just as our workshop was starting, I asked this question on Twitter:

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On the fly question during a wikispaces webinar... what all have you embedded in a wiki (besides youtube, google docs & google calendar)? :)

Eight of my colleagues responded:

  1. Michelle Baldwin
    Michelle Baldwin
    michellek107@markwagner Adam Frey showed me how to add a Twitter widget to my wikispace based on a Twitter search term.
  2. Mark Carls
    Mark Carls
    mcarls@markwagner Voicethread, Ustream, Delicious tags, Wordle, Glogster, imeem music, PhotoPeach, Loogix, Blabberize, Issuu for PPT's.
  3. wssmith
    wssmith@markwagner Here's what 15 teachers and their students embedded in our project wiki http://streamteam.wikispace...
  4. Durff
    Durff@markwagner cartoons, drawings, music, teachertube, slideshare
  5. Durff
    Durff@markwagner calendars
  6. kditzler
    kditzler@markwagner Vokis, VoiceThreads, Delicious tag clouds, mixbooks, xtranormal videos, Blabberize projects and Gizmoz.
  7. Skip Offenhauser
    Skip Offenhauser
    soffenhauser@markwagner poll, countdown timer, gcast player
  8. deangroom
    deangroom@markwagner addictive ideas.
  9. Diane Main
    Diane Main
    Dowbiggin@markwagner Does Animoto count?

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