Wiki While You Work: An Introduction to Wikis in Education

Mark Wagner
Computer Using Educators

Presentation Slides

The Read-Only Web

Powerful resource for educators and students, but…
Information moves from publishers to consumers
Information cannot be edited
One-Way Web (Web 1.0)

The Read/Write Web

It is now as easy to create as it is to consume.
Anyone can publish, share, and change information
Two-Way Web (Web 2.0)
This is changing our world!


Web + Log = weblog, or “we blog”
Easily created
Easily updated
If you can email, you can blog.
Blogs allow visitors to comment.
RSS Feeds!
Free blogs for teachers -

Educational Blogs

Teacher web sites
Class web sites
Learning journals
Book Clubs
Connect with Authors and Experts
Pen pals
Professional Development
Reflective Practice
More on educational blogging -


Websites anyone can edit!
If you can use a word processor, you can use a wiki.
Visitors can see a history of changes and revert to earlier versions.
RSS Feeds!
Free wikis for teachers -


Online encyclopedia
Collaboratively authored and edited
Over 1 millions users worldwide
Over 1 million articles in English
Great resource, but..
Use with caution
Explore (and contribute to) the wikipedia -

Educational Wikis

Collaboratively authored class texts
Writing projects
Group projects
Sharing resources
Grade level teams
Subject area teams
Professional Development

Live Wiki Demo


Inappropriate Content
Inappropriate Sharing
Intellectual Property
Threats and Cyberbullying
Fraud, Theft, and Identity Theft
Stalkers and Predators
A lack of understanding… and another perspective.
More on Internet Awareness and Safety -

Additional Links

Dan McDowell's Wiki Resources -
Dave Conlay's Aristotle Experiment -
Eva Wagner's Houghton-Mifflin Tech Resources Wiki -
More Workshop Wikis - and


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Thanks Mark,
This is a great resource! I've downloaded the slides and I'm currently following along with the video presentation from the k12 online conference.
BTW you can use for embedding powerpoint presentations into web pages and even wikispaces.